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Online Exclusive

3-Year Warranty

A Brand New Selection of Cutting Edge Carp Care

Using premium, durable materials and introducing unique features that stand out from the crowd, Taska really have delivered an all-encompassing carp care collection that far surpasses the competition.

Within the range there are three varieties of walled mat boasting the ultimate in fish safety attributes. Also within the Shure Care mat range Taska have created the luxurious Beanie Mat DLX and a well-padded stalking mat in the form of the Sneeka Cube.

To compliment the extensive range of mats within the Shure Care range Taska have developed a series of slings that advocate safe movement of carp on the bank. The Sling range is made up of two weigh slings, including the Sneeka Sling, which has been designed with the mobile angler in mind as it folds down to half the size of conventional weigh sling to provide a space saving benefit. There is also a Floatation sling that maximises water flow and minimises damage to the carp’s skin by using Taska’s soft and durable Shure Care Mesh.

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