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    Once work was out the way i couldn't wait to get the rods back out ,i wanted to get back on the syndicate as i new the big common loves to come out in the cold weather but the weather had different ideas it went really cold -5 at night and just above during the day so in my head i new i never had a chance on the syndicate so were else could i go i new of a day ticket water that fished well during the cold months, so that's were i would go for two nights the following week, the lake was about 15acers in size with two big islands in the middle with a big bar that runs in-between the two ,the depths run from 4ft down to 15ft at its deapest ,there is also a very good head of fish in there witch love the bait even in winter it seamed the more you put in the more you catch even on the coldest of days.

    That weekend was spent sorting the gear out and bait ,it had wormed up a little over the last few days so i was going to take more bait just incase they were on the feed i was going to take 10kg of pigeon conditioner and 4 tubs of mainline particle mix ,i would take a few kilo of 15 mm cell but might not use it as these fish seam to like small bits and bobs, well the Monday came round and i was up bright and early for the long trip well 160 mile till i get there , once the car was loaded and i had made a brew i was of i wanted to get there before it got light ,the traffic was good to me on the day and i was there a good half hour before it got light, i parked the car in the car park there was only a few cars already in there so i chance of a good swim i set of for a walk around the lake the first angler i came to he was playing a fish so i stopped and watched him net it and it looked like a good mid double after a few snaps for him and he slipped it back and a had a chat with him for a few minutes and it turned ot that that fish was his 6th of the night so it looked like there was a few fish held up in the middle.

    i carried on around the lake and now i was in the swim that was directly opposite the angler that had the fish,this swim was in between the two main islands and the angler was casting onto the main bar that runs between both of them, the bar was wide enough that we could both fish on it but still be a good 60 yards from each other, i sat there as the sun come up sitting on the edge of the swim and i counted 8 fish jump on the bar in front of me so that was it i was going to set up in this swim ,i rushed back to get my gear i loaded the barrow and rushed back to the swim incase some one turned up, the first thing i was going to do was try and get a quick bite , i had two solid bags made up so i tyed them on to my rods and cast them both out on to the bar and placed them on the floor while i sorted out my buzzers , i just put the second rod on the buzzer wen the line pulled out my hands and i was in the rod had only been out for less than 5 mins this was a good start because i had hooked this fish in shallow

    water there was only really one way it could go and that's away from my so it tore line of my reel at a rate of nots,so after slowing the fish down i finally had it under control but because it had gone along the bar the line had picked up some dead weed and that had gone over the carps head witch made it a bit easier to get in so after a few minutes i had it under the rod tip the only problem now was that it was deep margins so it took a further few minutes to finally land it i looked into the net and it looked like a good scaley twenty pound mirror.

    Well after sorting the mat a camera gear out i slipped it back then tied another solid bag up and cast it back out on to the bar this time i managed to get the rod on the buzzer and the bobbins on ,then it was time to get the house set up as the weather didn't look to good so the house was up and sorted and just Intime as it started to chuck it down so i fired up the kettle for a cuppa till it stopped then i could find some propper spots and get some bait out there, while i was drinking my brew i was watching a few fish crashing out just abit further than were my baits are about 130 yards out , the rain finally stopped so i could now sort out my spots and get some bait out there , my pigeon mix was prepared at home so all i had to do was add some sweet corn , some crumbed boilie and some mainline spod mix to finish it of, as i was mixing this the right had rod gave a few bleeps as i looked at the rod the bobbin had lifted to the top of the rod but that was it i looked at the line and i could see it lifting out the water the fish was kitting right so i picked the rod up and lent in to the fish it soon woke up and tore across the bar again picking up some dead weed on its way witch slowed it down and i managed to get it close in and that's were the weed fell of its head and it went mental close in going from left to right and using the depths in the margins to help it ,after a few minutes of the fish going backwards and forth i slipped it in the was another scaley 20lber, a few pictures and i slipped her back ,

    I left that rod in and reeled the other in, because i was going to sort my spots out and bait up, i got the marker rod out and started to cast around on the bar were the fish had showed and i found a nice clear patch around 15ft wide with dead weed ether side so i thought that would do so i clipped the marker rod up and used the range sticks so i could get the spod the same distance i also clipped the rods up at the same distance ,once this was all done i started to spod the mixture out there i wasn't going to put the hole lot in to begin with i thought because of the amount of fish i had seen out there and the amount that is in the lake, i would put half in then if a big shoal did come across my area it would keep them there, but first i would tie up two new solid bags and cast them out on the spot once i had done this and set the bobbins i began to start spodding well after what felt like forever i had put out what i wanted and cleaned everything and sat back down for a brew and something to eat as i was starving, I really enjoyed my ham and mushroom toastie done on the ridgemonky ,why i was eating and drinking i was watching the area i had baited for any signs of fish a few had showed were the bloke on the other side had hes baits but he hadn't had any more since i saw the one that

    morning a few more ppl had turned up on the lake so that activity should keep the fish moving around.

    I had decided to tye up a few more solid bags ready for when i get any action i was using small pellets in the bag and the bags were only mouthful size so not to big i had done about 8 solid bags and i thought that would be enough when the bailiff came round we chatted for about half an hour and i learnt that most of the fish have been coming out in the afternoon when the sun was on the water and it warmed up a little this filled me with confidence as the sun had just started to come out as i was fishing in quite shallow water so it would be the warmest place so i couldn't wait for the action to start, well the afternoon came and went and the buzzers stayed silent a few fish had showed but i think the bulk of the fish had done the off well it soon got dark and the gates were looked so no one else can get in during darkness and i still had not had a bleep well iu thought i had messed it up with the bait when while i was cooking my lovely curry that my wife had made the left had rod went into meltdown i dropped everything and i was into a hard fighting fish that was in no hurry to come in i managed to turn my cooker of while i was playing the fish so not to burn my food, well this fish didn't wont to come in it fault like a demon and i managed to get it near the net and in the torch light i could see it wasn't a massive fish probably a low double at best but in the net it went and i was right it was a small one so i unhooked it and let it go but that was another fish to the tally and just as i was attaching a new bag to that rod the other one was away this was a different fight it was slow and steady and kept low in the water witch made me think this was a good fish they go to mid thirty in here so one of those would be nice in the winter well after a good old tussle i managed to get the fish in the edge and keep it away from the other lines and then when it poped up in the tourch light it came up side first and i could see that i had foul hooked it and i was right it was a really good fish it had 4 big scales on its side and looked nice a black in its winter colours well i landed it and unhooked it and let it swim of gutted that i had foul hooked a good 30 and it was so close to my hook bait and i didn't hook it in the mouth , o well not a lot i could do about it ,two new rigs tied up and cast back on to the spots ,at least i new that the fish were on the spot.

    Kettle fired up as i needed a nice hot brew to warm my hands up as it had turned quite chilli but no were near as cold as last week as i drunk my tea i was wondering if i had done the right thing in coming here and not the syndicate it was nice to actually catch a few fish but the big common was always on my mind ,i had still had two nights to go so if the fish still carried on feeding i was in for a good session, well it was getting quite late so i decided to hit the sack i was soon asleep and you guest it i slept like a log with not a single bleep i woke up to a single bleep just as it was getting light but that's all it was a bleep well i could see the hot breath in the cold air so it wasn't warm ,i fired up the kettle for a nice brew that should warm me up well as i sat there watching the water 3 more ppl turned up opposite me and started to cast out on to the bar now they were casting no were near me so that was good .the good thing about them being there it would force the fish my side hopefully as my traps were already set, the sun was just coming up over the trees opposite me and the right hand rod signalled 3 bleeps then tour

    of i was up and on it after a few seconds it fell of and as i was reeling that rod in and not happy that it had fell of the other rod burst into life this fight was like the one last night that i had foul hooked i was hoping that it wasn't the case and after a few minutes it surfaced and thank good it wasn't it was hooked in the mouth and it looked a good fish a good mid twenty a few more gulps of air and she was mine it was another fish that had a few scales on the side and in its winter colours ,on the scales it went 25lb 6 oz i was well chuffed with that and a few self takes she was slipped back to her home. Well just as slipped that fish back the bailiff came through the trees into my swim he asked how i was getting on we chatted about what i had caught and then i told him about the one i had foul hooked and when i told him it had 4 big scales on its side ,he looked at me and said that was the biggest in the lake he said the last time it was out it went 36lb i was gutted and i made him a brew and we spoke about the fish that was in there and how many had been out then he went on his way.

    After he had gone i attached a new solid bag and cast it back on the spot and redone the other rod now i was thinking that i might put another few spods over the top of each other it might just kick start them into feeding ,well as i was doing this a angler turned up in my swim and asked were i was fishing to as he was going in the next swim to me ,i thought what the hell the who lake and he wants to go in the next swim to me ,but that's what you have to put up with on a day ticket lake ,it turns out that the lads on the other side had told him i was having a few and to get over near me witch you cant blame him for at the end of the day your there to catch fish, well he turned out to be a nice bloke and we had a good chat about the lake and things ,well just as he was going next door one of my rods melted of and i was into another fish well at first it toor of then it charged towards me so i had to reel in fast to catch up when i did it was only a few yards from the bank well the angler how had turned up who's name was andy netted it first time and we both looked down and the fish looked around the scrapper twenty mark so with everything still ready from the last fish i had a few snaps and slipped her back,i attached another solid bag and cast it back on the spot and sat down andy had gone back to set it he had decided to miss one swim then set up that with give us both more room to play fish with out catching each others lines witch i thought was a good idea.

    well the morning had started of well and i thought the action would continue but how wrong was i as the afternoon went on i had no further action on the rods but the fish seamed to be on the other side of the bar and were not coming my way ,i think i was just kicking the odd fish when they moved my side then went back the other side of the bar , well the sun started to go down and it looked like some of the fish have move nearer to my side witch i was pleased about as it would be nice to have a few more fish before i go home ,well into the dark i could here the fish crashing out on top of the bar but i couldn't actually see were so i wasn't sure if they were on my side or not i could just hope they were near me, well as the evening went on i started to get a few liners witch made me think i they could be on me or i could be to far and they have come close in, well i didn't have to wait long to find out the left had rod was away and i was into another carp it was the same old fight like most of the others shot of and picked up dead weed witch in the end slowed the fish down and made it easy to get in after a few minutes i had the fish in the net after a quick look it was another mid double ,this is good fishing for the winter i didn't take a picture i just slipped it back re attached another solid bag clipped it up to the right distance using the range sticks then cast it back on the spot ,i took a walk up the bank to see andy

    just to see how he was getting on he hadn't had a bleep all evening so i helped him a bit with his rigs got him to change them to small pop ups in solid bags clipped him up at the same distance and he cast them back out and told him to come and get me if he needs a hand in the night and walked of back to my swim ,once i was back i made myself a brew and put on the chilli that the wife had made me she def knows how to look after me lol .

    Well after my belly was full and i had drunk my tea i decided to climb into the sack and warm myself up and listen to the radio for a while well i must a drifted of because the next thing i new a buzzer was screaming at me so a quick scramble to the rods and i was attached to another hard fighting fish that was going mad this fish didn't pick up and weed on the way in so it was going mad in the deep margins going up and down and using the depth of the lake to its full advantage well after a few gulps of air it was finally in the net ,no wonder it was going mad it was a torpedo looking double so a quick look and it was slipped back ,good job i had pre tied the solid bags as i was getting through them and it makes it a lot easer in the night .i attached a new one and cast it back out on the spot and got back in to the bag as it was bloody freezing the temperature must have really dropped during the night ,well i soon drifted of and i woke up just as it was getting light the water was flat calm and i could see a few fish crashing out down to my left witch could have been over andy i had a walk down to him to see him playing a fish in so i grabbed the net ready to net for him but about 10 yards out the hook pulled i was gutted for him but he said ha ho these things happen but it turned out he had two fish in the night both small double but didn't want to wake me up i was well chuffed for him while we was having a cuppa one of my rods screamed of so a quick jogg back to my swim to see the left had rod was is melt down i picked the rod up and the fish had kitted to the left and again after a while it picked up weed so it was just a case of pumping the fish back and once it was in the deeper water in front of me andy turned up and first time netted it for me it looked like a 20 to me so we had a quick picture and slipped her back ,i clipped the rod up and attached another bag and cast it back on the spot i didn't have long left at the lake as i had to be of the lake by 10 so i had a couple of hours to see if i could catch another one during that time i thought i would brake down all my gear and just leave the rods out ,well the sun was out so if i didn't catch anything else the sun would dry my mats and net so i didn't have to put wet stuff in my car , well it wasn't to be as i didn't get any more action on both rods so at 9.30 i reeled both rods in and made my way back to the car on the way back i was thinking if i could have done anything better to get more bites ,well i suppose i could have put less bait in at first but ill never no ,it was a brilliant session for this time of year so i cant complain ,once the car was loaded it was the long treck home ,on the way home i started to think about the next session and couldn't wait to get back down the syndicate 



    As a family, we lived together in Yelvertoft for a number of
    years, from the age of 4 years old until I was 8. During those
    years, I was taught how to fish. I caught the bug. The bug for
    fishing. And then that’s how it all started...
    Initially, we lived with my Nan and Pap, in their big farm
    house. During this time, they decided to build their new
    home, ensuring it was wheelchair friendly for Pap. They
    began the build of their dream home in 1992, with it being
    completed in 1995. The house was complimented with an
    acre that housed a wheelchair friendly fishing lake with a
    large variety of fish stocked; roach, chub, tench, perch
    crucian carp, mirrors and commons.
    I still remember my first little rod and reel which sadly I don’t
    have anymore despite having looked everywhere for it. It was
    a small 6ft rod, matched with a small reel that was quite old
    which sounded and felt like a coffee grinder, but it did the
    Every time I saw Pap heading out to the fishing lake, I wasn’t
    far behind him with my little rod and reel, desperate to catch
    some fish for myself. I would help myself to his maggots and
    other bait pots while he got me set up with a little float. My
    older sister Charlotte would sometimes follow, so we could
    share rods .
    If Charlotte or I weren’t fishing, we would enjoy watching
    Pap reel them in, because he would always catch.
    Pap’s lake wasn’t just for his use, he opened it up as a day
    ticket fishery. Providing a wheelchair friendly lake with
    disabled toilet facilities… it soon became a popular venue,
    not just for the locals but anglers further afield. This meant
    that if all the swims were taken, my rod had to stay packed
    away as they were paying customers, but I didn’t mind as this
    didn’t stop me from going around the lake and talking to the
    anglers. I would watch how they were fishing, looking at their
    rods and reels and other kit they had. I was envious of their
    fishing kit, particularly how quiet and smooth their reels were
    – the total opposite to mine!
    Christmas was around the corner, so when writing my
    Christmas list, a new reel had to be at the top! A new, quiet,
    smooth fishing reel, my dream had come true! I was so
    excited to get my new reel, I can still remember unwrapping
    it to this day. It was my pride and joy, I couldn’t wait to show
    my Pap, allowing him to spool it up with line and to then
    finally get using it.

    As I got older and the fish getting bigger, Pap taught me more
    and more about fishing and the different techniques to catch
    fish. My favourite was catching the chub off the surface using
    a bubble float, small hook and single maggot, using a catapult
    to spread some maggots in front of the hook bait and slowly
    reeling through the freebies. It worked every time! Catching
    the chub was great fun but I hadn’t caught a carp by this
    After watching Pap catch numerous carp, I wanted to catch
    one. With a bit of help from him, I managed just that.
    WOW!!! This is different, harder fighting, aching arms,
    although it wasn’t a big carp it was big to me, still being
    young. I wanted more!!!
    As the years went by, friends and I would fish “the little gem
    of Yelvertoft”. Mainly being, my good mate Dan Mclaven,
    who was new to fishing, but it didn’t take him long to get the
    bug either. As me and Dan started fishing more and catching
    more carp, it was time to write another Christmas list. This
    years, included a two rod carp set up, bite alarms rods and
    reels (I still kept my quiet, smooth reel on my small rod).
    With father Christmas bringing me my new carp gear, I was
    now completely addicted to carp fishing.
    From the age of 11/12, Dan and I loved catching the carp on
    sweetcorn or luncheon meat and often, I would ask Pap if
    we could camp next to the lake and fish through the night.
    Even though it was a day ticket, dusk till dawn, he let us as
    this kept us out of trouble!! We never used to catch much
    through the night but it was fun camping out with our
    sandwiches and cans of coke. We did however catch plenty
    of carp through the day.
    Yelvertoft became more popular over the years and required
    people to ring before they came to book . The carp got a lot
    bigger with a couple even reaching near the 30lb mark.
    Although as the years went by me and friends would still fish
    “the little gem of Yelvertoft” but also started to venture out
    to other venues, closer to Kettering .

    Fast forwarding to 2010 things began to change. Sadly Pap’s
    health started to deteriorate and was diagnosed with
    Alzheimer’s disease. This had a huge impact on his ability to
    get out to the fishing lake.
    In 2012-2013 the dreaded otters invaded and totally wiped
    the lake out, coupled with bad floods, the lake was virtually
    empty. Still surviving were some small roach and the odd
    perch. As a family we were devastated
    In August 2016, Pap sadly passed away, a very sad and
    difficult time for the whole family.
    With Nan now being on her own, we visited as much as
    possible, however a year later after Pap passed away, Mum
    and Dad decided to sell up in Kettering and move back in to
    Nans house. At this point, the lake had become very over
    grown, water levels dropped, weed and lilly pads had spread
    virtually all over and the boardwalks and wooden bays had
    become rotten and very unsafe. This was a real eye opener
    for Dad and I, we were very sad to see how quickly, the
    “gem” had deteriorated, so we needed to do something
    about it.
    We sat down over a couple of pints and tried to come up
    with a plan, as to what we’re going to do and how we are
    going to do it.
    Fast forward to 2017…Operation clean up!!
    We started this project to get Yelvertoft fishery back to its
    former glory and to open it back up as a day ticket again. A
    lot of hours and graft have gone in to it with Dan and I
    putting in some hours but most of all, my dad. Dan and I
    tackled the out of control weeds and lilly’s, whilst Dad
    focussed on the boardwalks and bays.
    It’s now starting to take shape, all boardwalks and bays are
    completed, complimented with new benches. One taking
    pride of place, located in Pap’s favourite swim on the lake.
    That swim is now called “Pap’s swim”.
    We are currently looking at re-stocking the lake and carrying
    out some water treatments to help control the growth of
    weed. We also need to protect the lake from the otters with
    some fencing.

    We as a family cannot wait to get “the little gem of
    Yelvertoft” back open again and seeing the fish grow, people
    fishing the lake, especially me. It means so much to me and
    my family and it will be a place I can teach my children how
    to fish.
    Keep a look out “the little gem of Yelvertoft” will be back!!


    Well I had a operation on the Wednesday that went all well and  I was itching to get back out on the bank, so got hold of a good mate of mine  and we both decided to go on a Sunday to a lake that has its ups and downs, if you catch it right you can bag a few if not it's a wait and hope, that  the carp gods are going to give you that 1 bite
    So come Sunday morning i got up early and loaded the car then drove round and  picked my mate Dave up and hit the road , after about  an hours journey we arrived at a lake called north view and decided to hit there specimen lake , so we  got all gear round to the swim we picked  and set u, all the rigs were tied and we were going to use the  strawberry ice pop ups from Lancashire carp baits, and the taska   camo green leader with the bassline tungsten chod beads and chod 60mm sleeve to keep everything pinned down and a nice small lead as its only a small lake I cast one  close to a island to my left and the other on a zigged strawberry ice 18mm pop up on a taska lead clip on a the taska lead free leader in open water.
    I had 4 carp and lost 1 sadly my night pics of a koi I caught didn't come out but I'll be back there for another go , just wanted to also thank taska for taking me on board the team and Lancashire carp baits as well , no matter who you are keep doing what you love,  you will go as far as you want to tight lines all.
    David Johnstone 




    After 20plus years with mainline I've decided to move on we have not falling out in anyway, i just wanted to try something different and I've heard of munch baits over the years and after looking into what they do bait wise i was really impressed and had a talk with them and agreed to join them, well i took the cream seed its a bird food based bait and as its coming up to winter this wood be a good bait to start with.

    the first session using the bait would be on one of my syndicates so a bit of prep before that i took a bag of the cream seed and pored the bait glug over them and left it to soak in, just to give it a boost the bait, now i would leave this for a few days ,and i was going to take some particle as well that would be the dead reds witch they do witch is a mixture of seeds and some maggots this would get them grubbing around as well, well early Monday morning i loaded the car with everything and of i set for the 3 hour journey i just hoped that the traffic would be ok as the m6 can be a nightmare at times well i was lucky this time it was ok and after 3 and a bit hours i was driving into the carp park well it looked quite busy there was 8 cars already there but some of them might have just done the night, so i looked the car and went of for a walk round.

    i can to the first swim that commands a big peace of water from here i could see most of the lake i stood there for a while and i saw a few fish down the far end but by the look of things there was a few ppl down there and if you get to many down that end they can move out as its a very shallow bay that's were most of the fish spend the summer down there but as the weather is going to change and we are going to get wind and rain and its going to be a bit colder i was thinking of going into the big bay up this end the wind s supposed to change and blow up this way, the bay only has two swims in it and its around 8 ackers in size so that wont bother me or the fish so i walked back to the car and loaded the barrow and as i did this one of the lads walked into the car park and after a chat he told me that

    the fish were on the move and making there way down the lake as they had past him this morning so were i was going was going to be a good shout we he loaded his car and i made my way to the big bay i was going to go into a swim called the ghost its named this as some ppl have said that they have felt that some one was watching them in the night and seen a figure in the woods behind it so this should be fun.

    Once at the swim the i sat at the front of the swim and watched the water the wind was lightly blowing into the bay now but i sat there for about an hour and didn't see nothing but i just had a felling that this is were they would end up so i started to sort my gear out the house was up and everything was in place but before i put the rods out i decided to have a quick brew, while i was drinking the brew i saw my first fish but it was a long way out but it looked like is was coming in the right direction towards the bay, I sat back in my bivvy and tied up three new rigs the rigs i was going to use was the Ronnie size 2 straight point gripz and munch baits cream seed pop up as hookbait , these were all tied to a helicopter rig with a evolve Shure link leader and a big 4oz dumpy lead, I first had to find three spots to place my baits on, i took the marker of and was just going to use the lead to fell around , with the first cast i was aiming towards a big weed bed to my left after about 5 casts i found a small clean patch of silt about two rod lengths of the weed bed once the rod was out there i spombed out about a kilo of cream seed and 10 spombs of dead reds to get started the middle rod i cast the rod towards a second weed bed that was a bit further out i found a similar spot but really close to the weed bed and i baited it with the same the thrid rod i found a nice silty spot that was in open water at about 100 yards out with no weed around it and again i baited it the same as the others,

    After i had sorted everything i made myself another brew and sat there just chilling and watching the water when the bailiff came walking down the wooded path i made him a brew and we chatted about what's been going on and what's been caught and i found out that most of the fish have been coming out from up the other end that's why most of the anglers were up there but the wind had been pushing up there for awhile now, but it had changed and started to push towards me and we were both saying that the fish would move on it and we even see a couple of fish in my bay just behind the big weed bed that i had two rods in front of, so i was really confident of a bite at some stage, after about half an hour he went and i was on my own again it was about mid day till i see my next fish and it was this side of the weed bed so it looks like they are moving in closer, know i started to think should i have put a rod closer in but i sat on my hands knowing that were i had put my baits were good spots, as the sun started to go down the wind stopped and the water went flat calm and looked like a mirror so if anything moved i would see it, a few more ppl had turned up and gone up the other end they didn't even look down this end witch i was pleased about, witch meant i had the whole bay to my self and i saw a few shows before it got dark then into dark i heard quite a few more shows witch i think were over the back of the weed bed i think but as it got later into the night i heard less so i decided to get my head down as i wanted to be up early just so i could watch for showing fish well i had a good night sleep as the bobbins stayed in the same spots as before i went to sleep and sat there watching the steam coming of the kettle when i heard two bleep's from the first rod i cast out then as i looked at the rod it burst into life and the line was peeling of the spool i was on it in a shot and as soon as i picked the rod up it was still taking line but after a while i eventually managed to slow the fish down then it hit the weed bed and all went solid so i kept pressure on the line and it started to move slowly towards me and i pumped it towards me then the weed must have come of as the fish bolted of to the right and over the other two rods so i dipped the rods in the water to keep the fish away from the lines well it went right down the margins so i had to really give it some welly to get it back out in front of the swim then it went back and forth till i finally got the fish on the surface and take a few gulps of air and then i slowly pulled it over the net cord and it sunk into the bottom of the net,

    I was well happy with that a fish on the first night and it looked like a good twenties and had a few apple slice scales on the side of it, i made sure the fish was safe in the net then i started to get my camera and weigh slings ready, well out on the scales the fish went 28lb 4 oz fish was gently placed on the mate and same water pored over it to keep it wet then a few self takes and i then took her back to the water and watched her swim of back into her watery home, i

    sharpened the hook and then i rebaited the rod the cast it back on the spot and then baited it back up with more cream seed then sat back and made my self a cuppa and watched the sun come over the trees and see if there were any signs of fish in the area, well it got to about 10 o'clock and i hadn't seen any signs of fish any ware a few lads walked round looking and stopped for a cuppa and we put the world to rights, i reeled the rods in at mid day and went for a walk round the lake to just see if there was anything happening i climbed a few trees down the bottom end and all i could see was bream cruising on the surface i had a few cups of tea with the other lads and found out that one other fish had been out last night down the end were everyone was fishing but they hadn't seen much down there, so i walked back to my end of the lake witch i had to myself as i turned the corner to the bay i see a fish crash out right over were my rods would have been i was not happy i should have kept my rods in, back in my swim i tied new rigs and put on fresh pop ups ready to cast out again it was now about 4 o'clock so i really needed the rods out there, all three rods went out first cast and were on the spots, and i rebaits all three spots with a mixture of boilies and particle and then sat down with a brew.

    The evening drew in and i had seen a few fish but down the other end i just hope that they hadn't moved down the other end away from me, i had a nice chicken curry and a can just to wash it down and watch the sun go down over the trees just as the last bit of sun disappeared a big fish came out right over my right hand rod witch filled me with confidence i decided to get in the bag as it was getting chilli and just listen for any fish that moved out in the bay, but that plan didn't work i must have fell asleep because i was woken up at around 2 o'clock in the morning by a massive liner witch had me running to the rod but as i got to the rod i watched the bobbing drop to the floor, i climbed back in to bed and soon drifted of to sleep to dream of carol Vorder man lol but i was interrupted in that by a one tonner as i scrambled out the bed it was tacking line like it was tied to a express train i managed to slow it a bit but the big weed bed to my left must have helped and it all went solid i kept the line tight and i felt the fish moving towards ,me i kept pumping it towards me and as it was getting light i could see a big bed of weed coming towards me and i now had to work out how to get

    it in the net i pushed the net deep under the weed bed and scooped it up and dropped the rod and just started to pull the weed out the net i could see the line going in the net so i new it was in there i slowed down a bit now, the more weed i took out the net the more line i could see then i saw a back and it looked a chunky one to after about 10 minutes i had all the weed out the net i saw my prize.

    I set up the camera and weighing equipment then i transferred the fish to the weigh sling and on the scales she went 26lb 2oz i was well chuffed with that ,i took a few shoots of her then i returned her to the water now it was around 8 o'clock i had to leave by 10 so i didn't put that rod out, i packed it away and just left the two rods out and started to pack down my gear and just sat there for an hour on my chair watching two rods ,while i was sitting there some one came round the corning with all the gear and wanted to no when i was going he had seen me catch the one this morning and saw me packing down and wanted to get in my swim so i said now mate i reeled in my last two rods and left him to it and drove the long journey home but it was a nice drive as i had not blacked and i was thinking if it would be worth driving back down the following week as i new i would be able to get back in that swim, well you will just have to wait until next months talking carp to see were i end up




    Well after the result at the park lake i was keen to get back to the syndicate to try and get one of its gems, well things didn't really go to plan ,it was a Sunday and i was getting my gear ready for a early start Monday morning when i had a call from work and there was a few urgent things that needed to be done over the next few days so that was the syndicate out of the question, but as the local park lake was not even five minutes down the road i could get a few overnighter in so that was plan two, I still carried on getting my gear ready but there was a few different things that i would be using that i wouldn't use on the syndicate the main thing is that i would be using a lot of particle and chopped boilie, so the jars of mainline power particles were pull from the shed i was also going to mix this with some sweetcorn just to mix things up a bit i would also take a few kilos of cream seed ,once this was all done i could sit down and relax for the evening.

    Come the morning i was up early and started on what i had to do well i managed to get most of it done and by two o'clock i was out the back getting mr gear out the shed and loading the car, once the car was loaded i said my goodbyes to the wife and i was of to the lake i had and idea were i wanted to be and it was the same swim that i had a fish the week before as the fish were holding up just of the spit were there is a big weed bed so as soon as i got to the left hand side car park i was happy that the swim was free there was some one in the peg next door to this but they were packing up so i grabed my rod bag and quickly ran to the swim so no one else could claim it ,once this was done i could slowly get the rest of the gear to the swim once it was all there i started to get the brolly up first as it looked like it was going to rain ,once that was up all the rest was set up then i could concentrate on the rods .

    Just as i started to do the rods the heavens opened so i forgot that idea and put the kettle on and made a brew and waited for it to stop while i waited for it to stop i tied up 3 new rigs ,all 3 rigs were going to be the same as i used last time on here ,it was going to be a kd rig using 15lb deception a size 8 fang twister and a few baseline bits to keep it all on the lake bed ,after about half an hour the rain started to ease so i could now get the rods on the spots ,i had the spit of land to the left of me with a few overhanging trees that were the left hand rod was going to go, i was not going to go tight to the spit as it was quite weedy there so i found a spot that was about two rod lengths of in between two weed beds that was very clean and as you pulled the lead on the marker rod back it glided like it was on glass i popped the marker float up it was 11ft, i placed the marker rod on the floor and picked up my rod and baited it with a cell dumbbell topped with a yellow cell corn topper ,then i cast it spot on right next to the marker ,then it was time to put some bait out,10 spombs of chopped cream seed was fired out with another 20 spombs of dead reds  and corn .

    The other two rods were going to cast into open water to my right about 40yards just in front of a very big weed bed were i had had fish before, the marker rod was cast out just to find the front of the weed the both rods were baited with the same as the rod near the spit and the cast ether side of the marker rod then again i spombed more chopped cream seed and munch baits dead reds over the top then all rods were left on the floor so the `12lb  line would sink and ly on the lake bed after about 5mins i was sure the line was tight to the bottom and place the rods on the rests and sat back in the bivvy and had a nice brew, it was about four o'clock when i saw my fist fish and yes it was no were near my rods it was over the bar to my left in another swims water but at least i had seen one .i had a few people come down for a chat and there was quite a few people walking around the park lake so it was quite noisy so i was quite happy as it started to get dark and most of the people in the park drifted of home and the lake became quiet and i could relax for the evening,

    As it got darker the fish became very active witch they have done over the last few weeks and they were closer to me as well witch filled me with confidence ,i sat there drinking tea and listening to fish crashing out all over the pond ,so i

    thought if there this active they must be feeding, lot of the fish that i had caught had been between 10pm and 4am in the morning, at about nine o'clock i started to get liners on the two rods that were out in open water so i sat on my hands ready for a take as this is how all the other bites had first started the liners were becoming very farce and most of them were where the bobbing was hitting the rod so i was up and down like a yo yo, well as the time passed the liners got less and less till they stopped i had ether been done or they had just feed and gone ,now do i put more bait out or not i decided to just put another 10 spods out just so i new there was bait there over the two rods ,now it was gone 10 and this is the time that the bites were coming so i sat up for another hour and in that time i heard a fe w fish just behind my two right hand rods in the weed so all they had to do was come out and there is a meal waiting for them,

    Well i fell asleep and the next thing i new i was woken by a few bleep on the left hand rod witch was away from were i had seen and heard the fish so i sat up and thought i would have a brew and just watch i looked at my watch and it was 4.00 ,and as i sat there i heard fish rolling to the left hand side of the swim so the fish that were on the right had moved, while drinking my cuppa i had a few more bleep then the rod burst into life it took abit of line and stopped so when i picked up the rod it was solid in the weed bed behind my spot ,so i kept gentle pressure on the rod and line and i felt a kick and it slowly started to move i kept the rod high and slowly began to gain some line on the fish after a while it came free and shot tom right and found another weed bed and had to go through the same as before, slow pressure and it was moving and getting closer eventually a big ball of weed was in front of me ,not having felt it kick for a good 5 mins i didn't know if the fish was still on so i scooped the whole weed bed up then put the rod on the floor ,with my head torch on i started to rip the weed out of the net and i felt the back of a fish so it was still on thank good, after i got most of the weed out the net i could see that there was a very dumpy mirror in the net it wasn't massive about mid double but i was happy with that ,i got the Shure care oval mat ready and the sling and scales and weighed her on the scales she went 18lb bigger than i though. a few pictures and i returned ,

    The left hand rod was re done on the distance sticks to get the right distance and

    then rebaited and cast back on the spot then i spombed another 10 spombs over the top ,while i was doing this the fish had seamed to moved again and were back on the right this time they were showing over the top of the two rods and i started to get linners on both rods again as it was getting light by now i decided to stay up and have a brew and watch the water and fish, but as soon as i had lit the stove the bobbing on the right hand rod hit the rod and took a bit of line it couldn't take to much as i had the clutch was done fairly tight to stop them taking to much line ,but even so it found a weed bed ad was solid so gentle pressure and she slowly started to move and in the low light i could see a big weed bed moving towards me ,well i kept the rod high and reeled slowly till finally the big weed bed was in front of the swim i had no fight from the fish i still don't know if its on or not, so i turned on the head torch and i looked down at the weed bed and i could see the leader and the top of the hook lenght the lead had done its job and come of ,when i started to pull the weed of around the leader i felt the back of what felt like a good fish so now i started to panic how was i going to get the weed and the fish in the net well i sank the net and pushed it as far as i could out and under the weed and lifted it up, then i dropped the rod and tried to pull it towards me at this time i must have touched the fish with the net as the water exploded and all i see was the net going forward the fish was in the net so i lifted it as much as i could and yes there sh was lying in the weed in the net i had broken the cord on my net but i wasn't bothered about that.

    I started to pull all of the weed out of the net so i could lift it and the the more the weed i took out the bigger the fish got it looked like one of the big commons in the lake i didn't know witch one it was yet as they were all tagged i would see when i scanned it later eventually i had just the fish in there and it was indeed one of the big commons ,once i had got everything ready mat, scales sling etc ,i lifted her up on the scales and the needle swang round to 30lb 6oz well i was well chuffed so i slipped it into the retainer and placed her in the edge ,well i text mike who normally walks round the lake early in the mornings and he said he would be there in a min and as i put the phone down nutty Luke turned up ,with a 30 you have to have it verified by three people so i was glad he came ,well i zeroed my spare sling up up she went on the scales they said it went 31lb bigger than

    when i weighed her no i was well chuffed ,i scanned the side of her and it had been chipped and on a quick look she was last out in march at 29lb 14 as it was over 30lb i got to name her and i decided to name her after the wifes mother who no longer is with us so a few snaps and nora was sent on her way, as it was a quick overnighter it wasnt long before i had to pack up but while i was sitting there i made one last brew and was just thinking that this little park lake is going to be one hell of a water soon as some of the fish are packing the weight on in a few years time there will be more than a dozen fish over 30lb and thats not bad for north wales ,well i packed up and drove home one happy chap